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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We all do it, don’t we? Romance our Facebook accounts? But today, my hint was rather towards the “Romance” that is prevalent among FB users- an inter FB accounts romance if you will.

So the last time I posted a profile picture with a guy friend of mine, more than a hundred likes and a dozen comments jammed my notifications. For almost a week after that, every where I walked in- into my office, into parties, I was abound with comments such as “congratulations” and “ who is that guy?”

Wow! I had no idea bringing a guy into the picture, really my Facebook picture but evidently into my life, was making such a grand statement.
And so, just like that, I believe I accidently had me starring in one of the many “Facebook Romances” that is out there. So what are the features of this Fromance? Read on to find out.

You know you’re caught up in a Fromance..

  1. ·         The obvious one- If your profile info reads “in a relationship with so and so.”
  2. ·      If you’ve uploaded photos featuring your “coupledom”. A more powerful statement made if it’s put up as the display picture, apparently. 
  3.     If you’ve started filling the walls of your partner with declarations of your abounding love, to which the singletons reaction could range from an “aweee” to “ewww… that was cheesy”.  
  4.     If you’ve exchanged your Facebook passwords with your significant other. I believe it’s the new age “exchange of apartment keys” a vital step in a relationship indeed.
  5.      If you start responding to people’s comments as “Us” or a “we”.
  6.      If your disagreements and arguments with your other half find a way into your FB activities.
  7.             If your joy lies in Facebook “likes” and your sorrows begin with “single people” posing threat to your relationship by actively engaging themselves in FB activities with your significant other.
  8.      If you change your info back to being “single” only to garner attention.
  9.     And just when people start empathizing with you, you decide to patch up right back. Which is all fine, really, until you start going back and forth to being single and in a relationship, which entails to a flop Fromance.

So there you go, these Fromancers sure give people a reason to envy (in a good way) when they seem happy dont they? And well a reason to gossip about when they’re not.

And because Fromance can be a little more superficial than the real romance of the real world, since you know, the couple is aware of the constant public scrutiny, I assume they could pass off as new age soap operas any day. Where the characters, the emotions, the drama and the dialogues are real and is telecast live on Facebook channel.

Well, categorically speaking, a Facebook Romance could widely be divided into two chunks. One that started before the two people started using Facebook and one that is Facebook-borne. But today, since its almost next to being a retard if one does not hold a Facebook account and the first sentence people utter to people they like is “Can I add you on facebook?” this world better be prepared for some serious Fromance and more Fromancers in the days to come. 

Indeed Yes! The Facebook-borne romance progresses very rapidly because what ordinarily would’ve taken several sittings of dates can be obtained at a glance of the potential partner’s FB page. To which people from the old school dating era may claim having no charm, to which I say it’s a fast world, hell the world could see an end next year, why waste our valuable time on the wrong people? Fromance is definitely the way to go.


  1. never xpctd tht hvy stuff frm u ...awesome

  2. AHhaha .. ..I LIKE NO.1 ND 2 ITSS SO TRue .. .. ..

  3. I liked the cartoon below the write up. Sam writes good,needless to say!

  4. totally relatable Sam...love your writting... every story made so much more intresting with so much more character to it.. xx

  5. Initially i used to get really pissed of with it. As of now not so much in fact i hate the fact that i love it now. Earlier the first thing that i usually did when i sign in FB was to check friends status, and update mine with some random thoughts, some quote or just something about my day.

    I don't do those anymore, now the first thing i do is to check up status of my so called 'entertainment list". Its basically a shit list (no8& no.9) that i made up for some of my FB friends. The "daily heart broken people", "the daily in love people"........(who btw might be same people). Their daily unscripted drama is a really a joy to watch.

    Sometime when i am really down, or i feel that i have done some thing lame, i always will look up their status laugh to myself.....

    "i know i maybe lame sometimes but there is no way in hell that i more lamer than these sad loser hahaha"