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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This was the first time I was asked to write an Editorial ... and its out in the Teenz June Issue. One dream task I can happily cross off my list. Several more to go. :) and erm.. yah that signature was a disaster even for the 54th time lol ... :D

(And in case the page there had too small a font .. which am pretty sure it is ... here, I give you just the text bit) 

Well, hello there Teenz readers!
Hope everything is superb with you all. And why wouldn’t things be superb? After all , you’re young, you’re educated and have your entire future ahead of you that you can shape, design and color, wait here’s the best part, just the way you like it.

“Not really. Life as a teenager is a drag” you might complain. And of course, with all the exams pressure, the minimal pocket money to survive in and the whole need to conduct the act of “coolness” in front of friends all the while, being constantly pestered by nagging guardians…phew!
TEENAGE- yes it indeed could very well be just an over-rated term. I feel you.

But, nonetheless, ask any adult and they will tell you that teenage years were in fact a very special time of their lives. These are the years of your very firsts; your first crush, your first gang of friends, your first college, your first job. And there are some other unpleasant firsts to deal with too like your first pimple, your first break up (although really hoping not)- these are the years that demands you to get out of your comfort zone to pursue new challenges. While it can be scary, it’s definitely not short of excitement if taken with a spirit of adventure.

And therefore, we here at Teenz, hope to do just that. We hope to inform, inspire, educate and entertain you and most importantly be your friend.
Dear readers, this copy you have in your hands is the 5th edition of Teenz for the month of June. And although, I just joined the team and have little idea about the contents of this issue, I have full faith in the team of Teenz that it will have compiled in this issue nothing but the best.

So, you and I, lets flip through the pages of June Teenz together shall we? I bet it’s going be a lot of fun.

And well, until the next issue, we hope to have gotten enough comments and suggestions from your part to make Teenz the magazine you will love. Help us grow as you grow with us.  
We shall see you again with our July issue soon enough. Take good care of yourselves until then.  

Much love,
Samriddhi Rai

1 comment:

  1. Hey Samriddhi di(I hope i can address you with that),
    I just went through your posts and I would like to describe it in one word 'Awesome'.You might have got that a lot before but yeah, u can call me a yet another admirer...;) (way too obsessed with Facebook that the symbols just come naturally).

    It's pretty cool how you describe yourself as writer, editor, columnist, blogger and OMG beauty queen; all of which I aspire to be( have pretty much doubt with the beauty queen thing, though haha..). They are a bit BIG words for me, at least it is now.

    Two of your blogs actually caught my attention a lot- Who is your celebrity? and Lovemandu. They are just so contrasting. In one of'em you said you would discard everything that invites negativity while in another you spoke with so much criticism. So ya ahh..little confused. It's just one of my crazy thoughts though. But not gonna deny, your writings are really poignant.

    So, way to go Sambriddhi di. I hope we get to meet someday, somewhere. Until then, keep smiling(like you say, you always do) and cheers!!

    P.S My name may imply that I am boy but hey, I am a girl hai(I just get that a lot tesaile).