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Sunday, May 22, 2011


So, as I was catching up with a bunch of pals having my afternoon latte at New Orleans (yes the restaurant), I was bothered by a man’s constant stare directed towards me. 

I stared right back at this tiny, middle aged looking man and my strong reaction must’ve scared him because he looked away and suddenly I felt bad for doing that. “Oh the poor man. Why’d I have to be so rude?” but continued on the jabbers with my friends.

Moments later, however, the man looked at me again. This time with a smile across his face and I felt it was only appropriate to smile back at him. But oh the horror! He took the little exchange of smiles as an invitation of some kind. Horrified, as this stranger made his way to my table and even before I could warn my friends about the episode, he uttered, “Hello, I want to show you something.”

Which was followed by my very, very loud “A WHATTT”?? And with a somewhat apologetic expression on his face he explained “No, no. I want you to just go through my album here. Please.”

And there it was. The magic word “please” accompanied by rather magical looking photo album presented in front of me. Did I have a choice to turn it down? Sure. But like Pandora who couldn’t resist opening her forbidden box of evil, my friends and I were intrigued by the mystery that lay before us demanding to be unraveled.

And as I opened the album with an unusual anticipation, there it was the first picture- the man with Niruta Singh, the actress. DISSAPOINTED! Not with the actress but with the picture especially when what we were hoping for was something out-of-the-world-amusing and this was clearly not.

 And then I flipped again and saw a series of similar pictures of this man with all the possible “famous” Nepali people. There was Jharana Bajracharya, Rajesh Hamal, Nima Rumba, oh everyone and I’l say the album was pretty bulky which meant that this man had had quite a successful run at whatever he was doing. Only, I had no clue what I was doing but the streak of happiness in his eyes told it was worth it- oh well, for him. So, before any more weird moments were created, we decided to leave.

“Thankyou” I said. “Your album was lovely” and got out of there.
“Oh what a weirdo”, I thought, as I began a mental rundown of the list of other people I find weird. Here are some.  

1.     People who wear sunglasses indoors. I mean come on. There is a reason why it’s called the SUN-glasses.

 2.  People faking accents. We know they’re faking it how come they don’t?
3.     Those random acquaintances that shamelessly ask you for money.
      People who have the best car, the sleekest gadget, the expensive house, the big pay check … possibly, just all in their heads. People who boast constantly weird me out.

5.      People who’d rather talk to your chest or your thighs than you or your face. But chances are they’re not being weird. Just being men.

6.     LADY GAGA. Oh she strengthens my belief in the existence of aliens, altogether.  

7.     And rounding off my weird people list is a bunch of Nepali girls who pose like this. Seriously girls, if your bum is hurting you should be at a clinic not in a photo studio. Duh!  


That said, I wonder, does these people that we call psycho, thees, ali-ali off know that they’re all of that? Or are these people, unlike us, the unpretentious honest souls? I will never know. But what I do know is that without them, this world would be a boring place to live in. So, I say, cheers to the wierdos of the past, present and future they definitely make our lives a tad colorful. 


  1. U always have gud message for ur fans samriddhi, keep it up. always loved ur writings... :)

  2. hahaha... hats off to your good sense of humor and way of writing... :D

  3. i must say it was fun reading - :)

  4. You honestly made my day :D I could see a star in you. Thank you soooo much for sharing the thoughts crossing your mind :)


  5. Sam I related people I know with your points haha every point, I had an example LOL... nice write! x