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Friday, June 3, 2011


Rare indeed. Single ladies are indeed a rare breed. With the social networking sites quadrupling the size of our social circles by the day, the options get endless and the temptations get higher- temptations much like the one you would have when shoe shopping, that while you’d know what you like, you’d still give in to trying other pairs available, just because it comes in your size.

Hmmm... how do I choose the shoes that's best for me without trying them on...? ;)

And after that totally twisted dating analogy, let me zero right in on one of the recent chapters of my Kathmandu life.(Info piece to all my blog readers, this article was my latest entry for my column "Kathmandu Chapters" published every week on Friday weekly...) 

  It was one of my closest friends’ 22nd birthday and a couple of us girls decided to stay over at her place. After a hectic work week, I was really looking forward to the non-stop giggle fest we’d have, the mindless chats on non-issues we’d whip up – to sum up, I was ready to let go of all my sanity in the name of girl fun that weekend.

But Yah! All of that didn’t quite go the way I presumed it would. I had fun though and why wouldn’t I? Girls-night-in right? That’s a guaranteed fun. WRONG – and that is where I missed the loophole. I completely disregarded the fact how all my friends came with one boyfriend each. 

And there it was, phone convos overheard,  “Hello boo” in the morning, “ miss you baby” in the night- I felt like I was being sucked into an I-love-my-boyfriend-club, and here is the best part, without a boyfriend.

And while I am happy for my friends who have found someone so dear to them, I was in no frame of mind to give up my singlehood and the perks that come with it, all in the name of love- well not at least now. And for all those single ladies out there taking out time to invest in themselves to becoming a stronger individual before settling down, I will tell you it’s going to be hard.

Because there will always be a friend in your life who has the best boyfriend in the world both of who, makes your life look really sad. And if you’re not the one to fall for such flaky- immature comparisons then I will have you know, that your other friends will always have a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who is just perfect for you.

Oh our concerned friends- can’t hate them but at times difficult to love them either, but despite of all the fight one might put up to remain single, it is only a matter of time before we’re hitched again. After all, that is how natured intended to be, so why protest? The best we can do in this situation is to smart up. And by smart up I mean, not compromising in leading a fabulous single life but all the while giving some space for those who want to audition playing your perfect man. And for that , you really gotta know the “men-kind” here watch out for some of these popular types.

The player : Oh he is heaven sent. Your instincts probably always warned you of this one but his sweet talks, the suave moves, the cute smile and the wit and the charm always got in the way. Ladies, if he is too-god-to-be-true, he is a lie.

The desperate: Their aura stinks of desperation the moment you lay your eyes on them. Always confessing of their abounding love to you and pursuing you like a million dollar lottery, chances are for a fraction of a moment, you might feel bad to turn down all the love he is promising but don’t give in. They were only looking to latch on to someone like a leech, after all. Stay away.

The non-committing: And as long as these men confess of they’re commitment to non-commit I applaud their honesty and if you look at it closely, they can actually be a real boon to the single gals. Here is a guy much like the Jackpot machine who is fun to hang out with while in a social setting, just don’t think of taking it home because it would just be a big misfit. Spot the non-committer and have fun while it lasts.   

The gay: A gal’s best friend, gay guys are great to hang out with when you miss on having a man in your life and yet want to continue being single.  

The normal ones: And as much as we’re wired to believe that there aren’t good guys out there, the truth is,  there are. They don’t attract you like the players nor disgust you like the desperates, they just seem very ordinary. They might not enter your life with all the magic and the sparks that you expected of, your episodes with him may not be as perfect as your favorite romantic movie moments  but when they do knock your door, they're only there for you. To hold your hand, to admire the essence of the real you, and you join together to be each other's strengths, you become a team. Of course he is no God and come with his vices intact, only you know it in your heart he is a genuine soul. This guy is worth exploring possibilities with, only he is a rare, rare breed too.

And they’re countless other types of men too- the I –know-it-all ones, the mean ones, the sensitive ones, the arrogant ones, the cheap ones and the list is endless. Just know, that the time when you’re single is the best time to not only reassess yourself but also to do a thorough reassessing, of the types of men out there. At the end of the day, you're the only one who knows what works best for you and that is when you can stop shoe- shopping in discounted aisles after you find the perfect pair  that the universe custom made just for you. If you know what I mean *wink*wink*

My favorite on-screen couple of all times ..ROSS AND RACHEL <3

Well then, until you hunt down your “the one” I wish you all the single ladies reading this, all the best and also, I suggest that you enjoy the highs of being hit on while you’re still in the transit. Nothing like it. 

On a lighter note :) 



  1. just read it in Friday.. But the pictures used here are hilarious..

  2. Love this. and yes it is rare that girls choose to stay single although social networking and dating has taken over. i'm proud to say i am one of them singletonxx