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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quirky Kathmandu Facts

"If tsunami ever hit Kathmandu, you know what it’d be called? ” he said, one of my cousins. Slogging our way to a taxi stand, on the mid day summer sun, I wasn’t quite in the position to question his absurdity and so “I am all ears (with a false excitement in my voice)” is how I replied.

“An earthquake would induce big swirls in our Bagmati, erm river? And it would rise and gulp the whole of Kathmandu city and that my friend would be called a “Gunami” – because you know, there is a lot of shit, literally I mean, in that water.”

Gunami Centre Point

Hands down, the lamest thing I have ever heard in my life but I couldn’t stop laughing. And the little episode got me thinking, how we Kathmanduites, often take solace in humor and sarcasm to keep our sanity from falling apart. And despite the limitless tragedies catapulted towards us, water-electricity-fuel shortages, messy traffic, messier political dramas to name a few, we still make an effort to live awesome Kathmandu lives in our own little awesome ways, which is simply amazing.  

Which now brings me to my list of the interesting Kathmandu facts. Don’t be disappointed though as this is definitely not going to be one of those “Rani pokhari was built by King Pratap Malla” kinda fact, I give you quirky K-town facts truly “Kathmandu Chapters” style.

Everybody knows everybody: So think twice before you decide to boast about owning those imaginary helicopters you don’t own, no one can succeed in being a stranger in Kathmandu for too long. A lie, a gossip, a rumor you started is sure to come back to bite you right on your you-know-what.

Everybody is on Facebook:  This may be true of the world but the world maybe astounded of how true this is, of a country that is often portrayed as a poverty- stricken, civil-war-ridden, sad, pitiful nation. Facebook has indeed become an answer to the otherwise entertainment-lacking city of ours and if the recent Egyptian revolution that toppled the government, indeed started from Facebook as media reported, it’s highly likely, that Nepal could very well be next in line to follow suit.

Facebook revolution against Mubarak, Egypt

Facebook Revoltuion against unjust, Egypt
Facebook campaign against lazy CA memebers, Nepal

Too many models: Perhaps there are too many pervert photographers out there or too many ladies looking to be famous, whatever may be the truth, it aint a lie that every other pretty girl in Kathmandu has, is or will pose in front of a camera as a potential model. Forget fashion capitals of the world, the common streets of KTM are playing the runway to our countless models.

Oh dear god ... like seriously?!!

Every body is a CEO or a Director: One of my former bosses often said how it’s a boon in disguise to be living in a third world country, “where people see lack of development I see an opportunity to cash in” he used to say and how true he was. And almost everybody who dared to venture out with a business project of their own are now the proud CEOs and Directors walking in plentiful number around Kathmandu. Of course, chances are that more than half the composite of the KTM CEOs could very well have their designation just limited to their business cards but then again, that’s why we’re a third world country.

We're charitable: I mean, every new event I hear about speaks of contributing a sum of their profits to some charity, and as long as the charity isn’t there secret built-in money chambers, I say god bless ‘em.

Girls greet each other European style: You know, “the mmuah-mmuahs in the either side of the cheeks”. I don’t know who introduced that style here in KTM but I can tell you, it caught on like a contagious flu and looks like it will be here for the longest time.

and mmm.. in some cases I have seen guys greeting each other this way which I find .. how do I say it .. erm ... i guess amusingly entertaining is the right word ;) 

Contagious business policies: And talking about contagious, business policies in K-town follow an interesting contagious pattern. It doesn’t take long for a hit business venture to be copied by several others in a jiffy. Take the mushrooming shopping malls or housing complexes for instances.

 Celebrityville: And finally, what makes our Kathmandu even more interesting is how this place is the ultimate celebrityville. I mean come on, even bankers make it as celebrities here, all you need to do is take a stroll around Durbarmarg long enough and one is sure to spot a 100 celebrities before they call it a day.

So, there you go, these I think are some of the features that gives our city an interesting character of it’s own. Yes, Kathmandu indeed is awesomely awesome, while it may well not be all that true, it doesn’t hurt in believing that it is. Cheers to the spirit of our quirky Kathmandu.


  1. Haha. Nicely said; & here's something to add for yet another identity:

    If one of your relatives is in USA or Australia or Europe, you will try to persuade them to get you an iPhone in the least.

    Or to say it in a completely different light: If you get an iPhone sent to you by your relative in USA, Europe ('abroad', in general), half the city knows starting right from the guy you know at the local 'bakery'.

  2. खरो बास्तविकता संग ज्यादै परिचित हुनुहुदो रैछ.. तर अर्को एउटा तथ्य त छुटाउनु भयो नि त, कति धेरै संविधान कर्ता ... :)) at last hats off to ur blog.. always makes me grin :) and hope fully for others too...

  3. "gunami" was seriously hilarious.. :D .. kip it up !! :P

  4. Hahaa Gunami. Classic.

    I enjoyed this. Just stumbled onto your blog. Very amusing!