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Thursday, August 18, 2011


So when I woke up in the morning of my 24th
birthday last week, I had some idea that my day would go awesome. Little did I know that the awesomeness would include the presence of the legendary Rajesh Hamal himself.

Photo moment with Rajesh dai at Moksh

Rajesh Hamal- it’s not surprising that so much has been written and talked about this man. When I was growing up Rajesh Hamal was the only superstar of Nepali Cinema and it’s interesting to see, how he still manages to keep a good grip on his number one spot even after decades.
Remember that time centuries ago when Voltaire said, “I’d rather be ruled by one lion than a hundred mice”? Yes, Nepali audience has come to acknowledge Rajesh Hamal as that lion.

 "I would rather be ruled by one lion than by one hundred rats" said Voltaire during the French Revolution.

The epitome of intelligence, personality and youthfulness that he is, Rajesh Hamal is indeed the sole synonym for Nepali cinema. Except, of course for that word, Kollywood. Which by the way makes me puke a little in my mind every time I hear it. Shortly followed by a strong sense of anger for the “genius” that came up with the word, who clearly deserves to be banished from the country for being so stupid. But, if people were to be exiled on the basis of being stupid, we’d have no government. Not that we have a government right now, but that’s a whole other story, we shall attempt to cover in the days to come.

FYI South Indian Film Industry is also dubbed Kollywood. Quite an inspiration eh!?

So, Moksh in Jhamsikhel was the venue I had chosen to celebrate my stepping into a new year, which somehow coincided with an event to take place at the same venue.

A fashion show and some musical performance followed by a DJ session, was on the cards that day and I was excited to show my friends a good time who’d come to celebrate my special day with me.

Only, the turnout of the rest of the party attendees was so magnanimous, one of who was Rajesh Hamal. And that awkward yet exciting moment was when my friend let him know of my birthday.
“Happy birthday” he wished. With a coy smile, “thank you” I replied. And there I was standing in an empty dance floor shaking hands with a legend and with the music playing in the background it was only certain of my “good” friend to suggest, “Sir, would you please dance with the birthday girl?”
I swear I died and resurrected for a fraction of a second of those first starting moments of the dance. Not because I was a shy dancer and not because it was the first time I took up an empty dance floor, but because I was dancing with Rajesh Hamal. The man I had been watching on TV all my childhood was actually in front of me. He was really doing a favor to a birthday girl by agreeing to dance, which was really sweet of him. I now have the epic moment (for me) captured and proudly showcased to my hundreds of friends as my facebook profile picture. 

"Sir would you mind if I take a picture of us?" " No,not at all" said he. Such a gentleman. 

Going by the few laugh lines that had appeared on the actor, somebody however, commented on the picture questioning how he ever managed to become a superstar. And it hit me how in all reality, Rajesh Hamal was never really the most good-looking of actors. And I am quite sure, that his trademark dialogue delivery- you know that furiously-yelling-man-bit, did put off a lot of people at times.

And despite it all, he never faltered from his top spot and still manages to bag all major advertisements to blockbuster movies, because he relates well to all strata of audience. 

Honestly, weren’t we all really glad that he was an eloquent speaker of both English and Nepali? A much-needed sigh of relief from the otherwise “Plichhhh” for please, “shet up” for shut up speaking Nepali actors. Not that their twisted pronunciation would bother us much, if they weren’t so desperate to show off their “Englisss” speaking skills.
And desperate was exactly what Rajesh Hamal was not. Insider stories of his punctuality, professionalism and dedication are abounding. Its no wonder success followed him like a loyal puppy.

The next that followed him was his famous dialogues. “Sathi ko lagi yo hatth salam ho, dushman ko lagi yo hatth falam ho” has continued to live on to be the most remembered and cherished movie dialogues of all times. 

Directly translating to English the line would sound like this:  “For friends, my hand is for salute, for enemies my hand is iron. Interesting, no.

Wont take long for Rajesh dai to move from this to the one below.

So it comes as no surprise that Rajesh Hamal was the first Nepali personality to enter in the definitions for wikipedia.org and has pages such as “Rajesh Hamal jokes” in facebook and @rajeshdai twitter accounts that continue to immortalize him.



Now, that is the kind of an honor only a star gets and star he is. For in the event where I celebrated my birthday had a dozen gorgeous models strutting away and yet the eyes and the enigma was set on Rajesh Hamal.

Yes I am a fan of Rajesh Hamal but don’t be passing comments yet because you are one too. Really, its not your choice. Because it’s in our default mode to love momos,

take pride in living in the land of Gautam Buddha, 

explain to the foreigners that you come from the country of mount Everest 

and to be an ardent fan of Rajesh Hamal.

The first Nepali personality to make it to wikipedia

For Rajesh Hamal is our He-Man, our Superman, our Shaktiman, our one and only superstar. And whether it’s his dialogues, hit movies, trademark hair or that uncoordinated dance moves, people simply love-to-love Rajesh Hamal just like that.

Last words: May you continue to awe generations with your magnificence Rajesh Dai, we wish you all the blessings from the universe. Not that you would need anything more after owning those “falam ko hath” but still.


  1. Interesting post!
    Just a suggestion- when you are such a good writer,you don't need to embellish your blog with an accompanying picture for every other paragraph or subtopic. While I think one or two pertinent pictures don't do any harm, go beyond that and your post seems desperate for attention.
    I look forward to reading more from you.


  2. Awesome post -- You are really a fan of RH to be writing this much !! (You will surely gain some fan of yourself with this post:)

  3. Since so many of you out there suggested i posted too many pictures , which i kinda like doing .. reminds me of my school project days , suggestion noted. less pics in the future .. thanks for reading and placing comments guys .. means a lot :) and a special thanks to RB ... made my day <3

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  5. great finally we youngster learn to respect our only superstar and good to see Rajesh dai pic on this blog too....
    Nice post keep it up:D

  6. if there is anybody i wanna read about or cheer about Kollywood. Rajesh Hamal comes first on my head. HE is the only Super Hero to get credit for whatever the prestige the Kollywood roars!!!

  7. hey you have my cartoon on your blog :)

    it was fun reading about your Special day with mr Hamal :)

    keep writing la

  8. I enjoyed reading the blog. Keep updating. :D

  9. Really enjoyed reading ur post
    knew so much about our one n only raining kollywood star, RH

  10. Loved the way you write and pictures are entertaining too! :D

  11. You are the second girl (of course of those whom i have come across so far...the other is SAANI... dont know who she is) that has a writing ferver... Its floating and i would rate it a perfect blog piece. (BTW it was not necessary to piss on others -- at least they are stars if not superstars -- pissing enghhhlis.. but again its ur blog and I think someone might have said "Everything is fair Blog and Blogging")

  12. Unquestionably well said, i liked the last lines.
    what a writing dee, salutes :)