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Thursday, September 29, 2011

MISS NEPAL 2011- Is Nepal Missing Something?

 “Missssss Nepaaaaaaaal” I jokingly yelled with a dash of woot-woot and a thunderous applause, as soon as Malina Joshi was done reciting her kick-ass answer in the final round for Miss Nepal pageant last week. Wow, if only gods listened to my statements with such instantaneity, I’d be the queen of this universe by now (sigh).

But oh! What a winning answer it was. “I’d like to challenge your question sir. You ask me if women will rule by the year 2050 how would this world be? I am sorry, but women are already ruling the world” – tweaked it a bit for dramatic effects. Got the gist, spot on though.

And to come up with such a brilliant answer and that too under such pressure, with hundreds of judgmental eyes on her and the timer ticking like a time bomb, I will tell you she did a fab job.
Yes, it indeed takes a lot of courage to stand on a stage and asking to be judged. It’s no easy feat. Only those who succeed in keeping their composure while exuding oodles of confidence, wit and charm all at the same time, manages to take the cake. And take the cake she did. Reviewing the performance of the contestants in the last round, Malina indeed was the rightful winner of the Miss Nepal crown that night. 

And thus ended, what is dubbed the “most glamorous event of the year”, but starting with it a whole new wave of controversies as always- an inseparable entity of the pageant.

It didn’t take long for facebook and twitter updates to make rounds, with people expressing their dissatisfaction in the winner. “She is so fat”, “Another ugly Miss Nepal”. Oh how easy it is to sit in front of one’s computer and rant about someone else’s flaws. But again, I wont rule out this trend as completely bad, because hey, that’s the share one gets for being in the limelight. All the talks is what made her a public figure, or a celebrity if you like, overnight. Also, people were only using their freedom of speech, which they have full rights to.

And as hours passed by with mean, some honest, some amicable comments for the new beauty queen, it was about time for the good old “The winner was already fixed” rumor? to reappear.
And time and again, I wonder, whose fault it is? Before answering that, let me first give you a quick review of the show that was put up for Nepalis all over the world to see.

The calling out for contestants and the training period for this year’s Miss Nepal was much too less, most people got to find out about the it only after the winners made it to the front page of national dailies. 
“How come we haven’t gotten the press passes to the event yet?” asked one of my colleagues. “Perhaps because everything is being organized in such short time period, they haven’t quite gotten the time to distribute the passes yet”, I replied.

“How can they be so mismanaged about an annual high profile event like that?” he said. Point worth noting.

The curtains opened and the audience cheered on. Donning shiny red dresses the contestants entered the stage looking pretty, prettier were their bright smiles across their faces. The eloquent emcees introduced themselves, the lighting effects were great, the contestants gave a fabulous opening dance sequence and I became more than sure that this was gonna be a real good show.

Only, I was quite aghast when the emcee started calling out the names of the top ten girls so abruptly. There was no introduction round by the ladies. But, I didn’t have to wonder, as to why, for too long, after I heard some of the top ten semi-finalists answering the easiest judges questions with anything but ease.

With each passing round and each contestant putting forth their voices, the audience realized, sadly but truly, Miss Nepal 2011 wasn’t  a good batch after all.

“Honest opinion: Not impressed with the contestants of this year’s Miss Nepal at all. I hope this inspires really good girls out there to participate in the coveted pageant in the years to come” I updated my status. 
And the 167 “likes” for the status alone, spoke volumes.

The grand event started losing its charm with each passing moment. Let me first opine that the very popular Nepali tradition of calling out the representatives from the sponsors when giving out every single award is not only time-consuming but also highly lame- when a man with almost zero personality came on stage to adorn the sash for Miss Personality, he set off a laugh riot.

Other loopholes of the show includes, the emcees calling out the names of the sponsors and no body responding for minutes. At one point, the sub-title winners were given the wrong sash and the wrong award. I was at least happy to hear that a new sub-title had been added the “Miss Perseverance”. But the winner came and went with the award and nothing about what Miss Perseverance actually meant or how she qualified to win it was explained.

The audience passed comments left and right and it was almost depressing to see the elegance of the event fast fading out by incessant laughter. However, the final performance by the contestants, where they all jointly sang the song “we are the world” was a stunner and an absolute show saver, I must say.
And now here we are with the three winners. And soon enough they will all be leaving to represent Nepal in international pageants. And it is quite valid for people to question wondering as to how Malina Joshi, who is a slightly on the healthier side, feel standing next to the super fit and slim beauty queens from around the world?

To which , I believe , Hidden Treasure has to be answerable for. With all due respect to the team for starting this pageant in the year 1994 among such humble beginnings, I think it’s high time that it now step up their game because as long as they’re confused, they will continue to make the audience confused.

As I see it, there are two segregation of the Miss Nepal audience. One that wants to see a confident, educated girl stepping up to be the role model as she champions exemplary causes for the society; face don’t matter as long as she has a beautiful heart. And the other chunk wants a Miss Nepal who is tall, slim, beautiful and stands there on the international loud and proud, having every possibility to bring the crown home, so that the nation can rejoice.

For long, I think the organizers work hard on establishing Miss Nepal as a platform for young , educated Nepali women and not be one of those hollow beauty pageants where girls are judged only on the basis of their physical beauty. Which would have been a fantastic notion, if only they’d not give out sub-titles like Miss Photogenic, Miss Best Complexion and so on and moreover send the winners to even hardcore beauty pageants overseas.

So what should the organizer do now? (1) admit that Miss Nepal is indeed a “beauty pageant” and that it trains girls to fetch home the international titles?  or (2) opt to give a chance to all educated Nepali women irrespective of their complexion, height, smile to prove themselves on the national platform and not send them for international beauty pageants? So will we get a local beauty queen we will adore or an international title winner who will make us proud? The confused mix of the two has been root of all controversies all along. 

While in hopes to see the much-needed upgrade in Miss Nepal pageants in years to come, I would however like to wish Malina all the best as she represent Nepal at Miss World Pageant slated to take place this November 6 in London.

Anupama Aura Gurung- A very good friend of mine also the 1st runner up for Miss Nepal 2011 looking dazzling with the crown :)


  1. i also said "yo kt gayara miss world ma nepal lai represent garne ho bhanya ta nepal kai bejati hunchha...." to many of my friend and family because clearly she was a bit more healthy and in the contest if miss world there are a many round and in those rounds she may have to wear two piece swim suit, which would be very humiliating for herself first and for the country. i hope she understand this point of view and work out on her body till november. finally mu best wishes to malina for the miss world contest..

  2. samriddhi dd you made the wait of another blog worth a while :)

  3. i thut u cud use a comment..

  4. Loved your writing about Miss Nepal event and your blog :)

  5. totally agreed with your blog and admire it... the answer of Malina Joshi was bang on, while the answers of other contestants were so annoying to hear. I was also surprised abt the missing of introductory round and wondered if some titles winners deserved the title like Miss photogenic and others.. I even wonder if sum1 can win miss Personality, then why is she not even in top 5. Isn't Miss Nepal supposed to have some personality, talent when the winners are not Miss Nepal. However, I do hope Malina Joshi's answers bangs on even in Miss World and she brings a gud figure at least 4 everyone to feel satisfied for her and not backbite like Sugarika KC, who everyone mocked on. Lets b positive 4 Malina JOshi to stand out in Miss World and bring at least some titles this year.