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Friday, October 21, 2011

TRAVEL DIARIES: Sukute Beach Resort

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I just realized that I take so many trips around the country so often and yet I haven’t written a single travelogue yet. And I call my self a writer? Worst yet a blogger!

Therefore out of sheer disgust for my unexplainable ridiculousness, here I am penning down my first travelogue- of some sort, I guess. It would be a non-fuss, low profile weekend getaway with my girls as I had assumed but needless to say the fabulousness of it has me registering the experience as my first travelogue of my life. So here I go.

The Journey 

·      Sukute Beach Resort’s office at Thamel, beside Pilgrims bookstore was our meeting point. Our bus was to leave at 8 but only did so around 9:30 in the morning.

·      I was expecting a microbus as a means of transportation, but it was a medium-sized bus instead, that was waiting for us at the stop in Sorhakhutte. It is a little more than a 2 and half hours of journey from Kathmandu to Sukute Beach. 

Sukute Beach Resort- First Glance

After reaching the place, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming, lush green ambience. However, the swimming pool was relatively smaller than what I had expected. Other than that, I was overjoyed to see the pool table and table tennis board set up in the open hall area, which was a recreation room, dining room, lounge, bar all merged into one. The best part perhaps was the fact how our huts overlooked the bright blue Bhotekoshi river that so mightily ran just a few feet across us. Now this was exactly how I imagined Sukute to be.

Rafting the white waters

·     ·      It wasn’t my first time at rafting and so I was relatively calmer than my friends. However, when the raft guides put serious efforts in explaining the dangers of the white waters, I have to admit it scared me a bit.

·      I remember sailing through calm waters for most part during my rafting experience in Trishuli river, but BhoteKoshi was a different ball game altogether. 30 seconds into our trail and a big gorge and with it a bigger wave of white water engulfed our raft, hinting me that in fact this was going to be one hell of a ride and nothing like the one I had in Trishuli.
My rafting trip in Trishuli, 2009.

·      Waves after waves kept hitting our raft and god knows how tightly we held on to it, because a slight fail in staying put would mean an inevitable fall into the powerful currents. As we moved along the thrilling white water trail, I woo-hooed with excitement, cheered with joy, relished in the beautiful green hills that stood tall and proud in either side of the river; helping me realize how beautiful my country really is.  That, right there was my “moment of epiphany”. I knew, there has to be more of what Nepal has to offer and I would definitely be exploring it all in due time.

·      The best part: Where the guide slyly throws your friend inside the river. And while you’re laughing you’re a** off, he does the same with you. Until all of you are inside the icy cold water. But an experience worth a million dollars—wait not perhaps a million dollars but definitely close to it :P

An observation: For the first-timer rafters Kurintar’s rafting program in Trishuli river is not that bad. For those who seek a real-rafting experience however, Bhotekhoshi is the place to be. In all honesty, after my rafting experience in Bhotekoshi, I cant help but feel that what I did in Kurintar was just a fancier boat ride and nothing more.

After Hours

You’d think a weekend into the wilderness would include a camp-fire and nothing but the creaking noises of insects and heart-to-heart conversations with the besties to spend the night away. But nah, we love our friday nights. There were cyclists from Czech republic, aspiring kayakers from the USA, rafting enthusiasts from Germany and of course us, a group of zealous Nepali girls, making up just the perfect amalgamation of cross-cultural residents at the resort. As the sun went down, all of us assembled in the hall (also because there was no other place to go), we contested each other at games of TT and pool, some got busy at the bar, still hanging on to our Dashain spirits we played non-stop games of cards and surprisingly the music that was played through out were back-to-back hits; oldies, romantic, bollywood, club mixes, you tell it and they have it.

The cyclists from Czech Republic who cycled all the way back to Kathmandu the following day

The hall area.

Around 11:30 ish at night, just us girls along with our juniors from our college who happened to crash at the resort in the evening, descended unto the white sand Sukute beach. As we talked, laughed, played games under the full moon that lit so brightly with the soothing sounds of the flowing Bhotekoshi as if playing in the backdrop, we realized that this would be a weekend we would remember and cherish for a long long time.

The following day
The bus was to leave after our lunch the following day. And just when we were wondering how to spend our time until then, the resort installed a volleyball net for us. A game at the beach, a dip in the pool and a camera with a tripod, what else could girls possibly ask for?
Within 2 hours after leaving Sukute resort we reached our homes.

Sukute Beach Resort- Honest Review

Honestly, when I heard the word “Sukute” at first, I was not to excited. I mean, what kind of a name is Sukute? Did it stand for the sukuti-fried fish, or are the people residing there really sukute- lean and malnourished. And topping that, they were only charging us Rs.3000, so I didn’t have my hopes set high on what it had to offer.

But clearly, it blew me away. Perhaps, because I underrated it or the fact that Sukute really is serene, whatever the reason, this place is a must visit for the perfect getaway for everyone in the city.
Finally, it is my opinion that if only people made trips like these; short, long, luxurious, economical inside the country and if only they blogged their pictures or write-ups about it on the many sites, it would be a real help to promote what is dubbed the Toursim year of 2011. Sadly, am realizing this with 2012 already knocking on our doors, but you know what they say, its never too late to do anything that is RIGHT.

And I can assure you, Nepal is every bit worth to be explored, loved and talked about. Here is to the beauty of our country, cheers to the spirit of domestic tourism.

Food: Nothing fancy but clean, tasty and satiating

Toilet: The toilets come with a bathroom attached with and are pretty clean and spacious. 

Accommodation: Appropriate. With two single beds allocated to each huts and thoughtfully installed light bulbs to the outside of the tents in order not to attract insects inside the tent after dark.

Things to take with you
Towel: The resort doesn’t provide you one
Wet wipes, Tissues
Shorts and tees (2 sets)
Sports Strap sandals: It’s a better option to wear them during the raft ride because the rocky shores that people are made to walk upon later would be and speaking from experience, is very harsh on the bare feet.

These kind of sandals are the best for a rafting trip

If I were to go again…
·      I’d love to take a camera that takes better pictures than my minute digi-cam. If only I had a semi-professional or a professional camera, it’d be awesome. It’s a great place to take pictures to capture beautiful memories or ….  you know boast about it all on Facebook, showing your friends how much fun you had.

·      All the time I was on that raft I kept wishing in my mind if only I had a water-proof camera. I haven’t exactly figured how it could be done, like wrap it around your body or tape it against your helmet, but if only I had somehow managed to catch my rafting journey on tape, I swear it’d get a million hits on YouTube.

Contact: Sukute Beach is run by a certain Equator Expeditions. Got this info out the net, if incase you make your mind to ever go there. 

Equator Expeditions (P) Ltd
P.O Box 8404
Kathmandu, Nepal

Sales Phone: (977)-1-4700854, 4700782
Main Office Phone no: (977)-1-4356644, 4354169
Fax: (977)-1-4425801


  1. wow..loved it....and im sure i'll go there..but will tht place be fine during winter????lemme know and do they provide bus even if we;re just 6????

  2. Hey Khusbu, youre my first comment-er .. thankyou so much :) well we were just 5 in a group too but there were other people mostly foreigners who journeyed with us ... so the number of people doesnt matter because there will always be other people who would have signed to go too. Friday morning is just the best time to go for this trip. Wish you all the best and have fun :)

  3. only Rs.3000 for that much fun....thats a one hell of a bargain :P

  4. Nepal is beautiful. I think i should also go soon... :)

  5. Just came back from a weekend there and your tips helped me plan better. Thanks

  6. i will surely visit Sukute Beach...next time when I am in Nepal

  7. your articles are always fun to read,imo writing is not that easy as it seems to be, but you're always able to make it nice. do u make plans in paper and type it afterwards or does it come automatically to your beautiful mind in front of the computer? :P, I have enough problems with starting the first line about whatever I'm writing so I'm just curious how you do it? I have a bucketlist and one of them is to be a writer hehe so I follow you're blogs too and you're a good singer too hehe

  8. Hi, Samriddhi! I enjoyed your witty review of Sukute Beach. I also liked the Whitewater rafting photos; I just love how the river cascades splashed on you. Everything seems so exhilarating!

    Donna Parsley

  9. 2 days back, I went at trishuli for rafting. It was a huge fun though it consists of few rapids. Me and mine all friends have now decided to sukute beach on next saturday. I have gone through your experience on bhotekoshi...it increased my desire to rush there ASAP.

  10. Just been to Trishuli, now i guess i need to experience the engulfing Bhotekoshi. And you know what? The name Sukute too made me think of that particular dry sukuti meat lolz... Great travelogue Sam... keep it up!!!

  11. hello we r planing to come there 4 one night hw much it cost ??? included pik n drop servicce let me knw soon we will be arnd 15-20 range

  12. Have been there twice! Enjoyed every moments, esp the swim at night!

  13. Sukute Beach is a place I'd love to visit every weekends had it been possible ! ! !

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