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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nepali movie Loot grosses over 2 Crore 55 Lakhs in 7 weeks

“Loot” grosses over Rs 25.5 million (2 crore 55 lakhs) in seven weeks making history for being the highest earning Nepali movie of all time 

I am beyond happy for this movie Loot that is doing amazingly well, not just in Nepal but everywhere in the world with decent Nepali population. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you owe it to the Nepali-for-Nepalis spirit to GO WATCH IT.

And if you think I am pitching in the patriotic angle just for the sake of it. Think again.
How many of us out there ridicule Nepali actors? I bet a lot. I mean, of course with their cheesy dialogues, over dramatized expressions, senseless fashion, stories that reek of a bad bollywood copy, their dhishum-dhishum fight scenes that indicate Nepal never moved on from the 80’s -Yes, most of us are ashamed of how Nepali movies follow the same formula, time and again.

And we have all had a good time sharing their ridiculousness on facebook, haven’t we?  some of the movie scenes like “maile englishma graduate gareko” to the song “yaarling” have had several hundred hits on youtube. 
Like seriously ...

And well if you haven’t watched them already then do it today. That is all the entertainment these mainstream nepali movies has provided to us the educated lot for many years, after all. 

Of course there were some remarkable movies made, like Kusume Rumal, Lahure, Darpan Chhaya that touched a million Nepali hearts, but that was a long , long time ago.

The good news however is that the face of Nepali cinema, may finally be changing. Starting from Kagbeni by Bhushan Dahal in 2008, a line of new age cinemas was released like Sano Sansar, First Love, Mero Euta Sathi Chha and several more that spoke to the modern crowd. 

I heard “Acharya”- the movie was good too but never got around to watch it. 

But I did watch Loot in its seventh week after its release and I was ashamed to have not watched it sooner. I mean, finally, a movie has come along our way that is everything we wished Nepali cinema would be. It is unpretentious, feels real, relatable and most of all it feels like it is very much a part of us.

And if you don’t watch this movie, if its not to see a remarkable work by a fellow Nepali youth, to restore your faith in the beauty of authentic Nepali stories and to help a spectacular work of art like LOOT to garner more fans, praises and money in order to encourage young, talented movie-makers out there to be brave; do kindly revoke all your rights to ridicule a Nepali movie ever in the future.

We have embarrassed Nepali cinema, or is it Nepali cinema embarrassing us? for a time too long now and its time to step up and support a movie that is genuinely awesome.

Watch Loot For These…

If you haven’t watched Loot by now or don’t know the plot of the story altogether let me attempt to give a quick rundown of what it is all about. And if you have watched it, do let me know if I am wrong or if I should add something to it.

·      Loot is a story revolving around the gruesome street life of Kathmandu. An ordinary Bhatti Chalaune man now popular as Haku Kale plots a plan to rob a bank with 5 young guys.

·      And while, the ending of the story makes for quite an interesting event to watch, it is the journey to the climax that is just so undeniably good. My favorite feature of the movie is how the story of LOOT incorporates the day-to-day humor of life, making people genuinely laugh in between the thriller/action sequences. A relief from the otherwise annoying, wanna-be-funny- sound-induced comic scenes- the popular format used by many Nepali movies and television serials alike.

·      Loot is a conceived idea of the talented 31-year-old Director Nischal Basnet who told me that he came up with the idea of loot one ordinary night, out of the blue. He sat up writing the first draft of the movie from 10PM at night to 4AM. This was some one-and-a-half-years ago. 
Smile of Success- 31-years-old Nischal Basnet

He said, “I was reading up a lot of news on crime and violence in the streets of Kathmandu and that was my lead for the story.” I was stunned with the fact that a director so young achieved such a feat on his first attempt to make a mainstream movie, and like that was not enough, Nischal’s line of other talents soon turned me into not just a Loot fan but now a certified Nishchal Basnet fan. Nischal apart from being the script-writer and the director and the co-producer of the movie Loot, also lent his voice for the male vocals for the now super-hit song, Udhreko Choli.

·      And yes coming to the item-song, which is- lets admit perhaps a trend caught on from the Bollywood is funnily enough a very catchy tune. 

The first time I heard it, I couldn’t stop humming it. I am not sure if the doll-faced actress Sushma Karki realistically potrayed the moves of a Kathmandu bar dancer or if she got confused and misconstrued vulgarity for sexy; I loved the song and loved her for being so bold in a society like ours.

·      And like I said earlier, watch Loot and tell me if you wont feel like it could be an extension of our own lives here in Kathmandu. It is so honest, honest in story-telling, authenticity in dialogue deliveries and the roles executed by some of the finest actors of the new generation; Loot is every bit of a product that makes every Nepali proud. That is the potential of Nepali cinema and it is time to restore our faiths back to the once glorious stature of beautiful Nepali story-telling. 

If you’re interested in reaching the artistes and the director then I managed to find them on facebook and you should do too. You know, just to give them some kind words of encouragement to fuel their soul to produce more exceptional works in the future. And here they are.

Meet Nischal Basnet the co-producer, director, scrip-writer and singer

Daya Hang Rai whose natural flair for comic made people laugh their hearts out. He has already won himself the National Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Amar Lama in the movie Dashadhunga and plays the very funny Gopal Gurung in Loot.
Daya Hang Rai

Karma Shakya also my good friend whom I first met in the 10th grade when he was acting out big time in a school play. Talking about following your dreams, eh Karma :) 

And of course, the pivotal character of Loot, Mr. Saugat Malla with his newari accent and superb acting. Those defined biceps haven’t gone unnoticed either. Saugat even has a facebook page called Haku Kale Jokes.

The business prospects of this movie is covered in my article which is being published tomorrow in The Himalayan Times – Perspective Supplement. However, I collected some interesting facts when preparing that article and I had to share some of them in my blog.

Fast Facts 

·      Loot was made with a budget of around 50 lakhs. It raked a total of 2 crore, 55 lakhs as of Friday morning, Febraury 24.

·      Rs. 13416670 that is 1 crore, 34 lakhs, 16 thousand, 670 rupees was collected in QFX cinemas alone. QFX cinemas started with the inception of Jai Nepal in 2001 and now runs its uber popular movie theatres from 3 locations in Kathmandu. But you know that by now already right?

·      Also talking in the lines of QFX cinemas, QFX cinemas is not just another movie theatre but it has grown up to become sort of a youth culture for youngsters in Kathmandu. It set off the trend amongst the urban crowd to start watching  Nepali movies again. It is also partnered with Digital Cinemas Nepal that help sponsor movies and promotes budding talented film makers in the country. For its invaluable contribution in creating a platform to mordern and refined Nepali cinema lets like their official page here:

·      QFX had to take off Agneepath and another English movie to screen Loot because of its high demand.

·      For many days in the first week of screening Loot, in many halls there was 100% occupancy by male audience only. Young guys who came to watch the movie in their bikes to be precise.

·      The average fees for Nepali male actors come around a rough rupees 3- 5 lakhs, that might vary according to the current popularity of the actor. Rajesh Hamal, considered the first superstar of the Nepali cinema however, has been constant charging around 3 lakhs per movie. For female actors, it is still a struggle though with mainstream heroines quoting their fees starting from Rs.50,000 rupees which stretches up to 3 lakhs. That’s painfully less right? We can however help change it especially now when the face of Nepali cinema is gradually changing. 

·      Saugat Malla, who started his career as a theatre actor leaped into mainstream working for Kagbeni in 2008 for Rs.40,000. His fees increased with each movie and now after Loot’s phenomenal success, a new movie “Chhadkey” is in talks to pay him 10 lakhs rupees for his role.

·      I watched Loot: a 6 PM show all alone, after I was told to prepare a report on it. This is a completely unrelated story, I know,but I felt like mentioning it anyway. Me- a young girl's solo attendance in the hall with only a handful of attendance, raised quite an attention especially with guys who had come in groups, but I was so gripped on the movie, I could care less about them. Also never knew going to watch a movie alone is an awesome experience I think I am gonna try it again :)

So there you go that is all I wanted to share in my blog today. Please feel free to give me your feedback : good, bad or ugly I promise to embrace it with arms wide open. Hope to promote many such talents and good news in the future too, wishing all big-dreaming Nepalis out there all my luck. This is a goodbye :)


  1. nice one! Thank god!! I watched it one the first day of its release!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Do you know when the DVDs are going to be out?

    1. I have no idea :) will update you if i know anything hai

  4. Our Younger brothers from Signature Crew are screening LOOT in our town of Ashford (UK) on April 1... since the movie is so hyped and by looking at the trailer itself, I have a feeling that it definitely is a great Nepali movie (esp I liked the cinematography)... Although I cant expect it to be neck to neck with Hollywood action/thriller, nonetheless... A Giant Leap in the Nepali cinema!! the other movies that I really Liked is only 'Kaagbeni'.. sadly... and now Loot will definitely be my other favorite Nepali movie to be lined up with other great Nepali movies like Basudev, Kusume rumal, Lahure, sima rekha etc.. :) Up Nepali Cinema!! Lets Keep Hollywood aside, there is no match to them except the Korean movie industry! :)

  5. Ya quality counts....South Korea a country being smaller than Nepal makes world famous movies.

  6. Very detailed and great review! Hoping to get the chance of watching it soon!

    And like your articles! Following you!


  7. i have heard a lot about this movie and got much recommendations to watch this movie. I am not a huge fan of Nepali movie (well everyone knows, they are just another copy of Bollywood or some other foreign movie). I watched "Sano Sansar" (due to peer pressure) and was really impressed by it (though the movie has lots of space for criticism) and well i hope, "Loot" really is one hell of a movie, enough to shake the boundaries of Nepali Movie Scenario so called "Kollywood"...
    Great article Samriddhi
    enjoyed reading it...
    keep on writing...

  8. 1st day 1st show i watched da movie in GUNA CINEMA. I was constantly updated with shooting report through RAJATPAT and I searched trailor in u tube and it waz like booooom... u know . i waz cent percent sure dat its gonna be blast.once again hats off to director(nischal ji) who created such a master piece..

  9. aba 'Dimag' lagayera movie herna janu parcha, can't wait till they come to Chicago. Damn how I wish I could be back home to celebrate that hype.
    Nice article Sam, you can talk and write so professionally at a same time.

    p.s. yea I do like my eggs 'sunny side up'

  10. Glad and Awesome.....I must be a nerd to watch it today.LOL I know its too too late BUT anyway I watched it today-8thMay2012 and wow man its awesome.

    Comparing 'LOOT' to 'Foreign movies'(I guess U all meant hollyhood or Korean or what else Dhoti's Bollywood when you meant by 'Foreign movies')

    You all are 100% wrong.
    Ommiting Some very few faults 'LOOt' purely dominates the so called
    and my so called 'fellas' get some flicks of French,Russian,Itallian,Japanese and Dutch movies because they have always dominated Hollywood.And U may laugh that Nepali movies will be in the list after some more years together with Iranian movies to dominate hollywood Then I WILL HAVE TO SAY TO YOU MY FRIENDS YOU DIDNT GET THE CREATIVITY THAT FLOATED IN MOVIES LIKE'KAGBENI AND LOOT AND MANY BLACK AND WHITE AND SOME FEW COLOR NEPALI MOVIES'.If you disagree then LOL I really mean to say u lack creativity.

    I will give 9/10 for this movie.

    And Anyone-JUST answer this random question of mine
    When will its DVD out??????????????

    And Oh I remember Gotcha Hike my friends..........


    1. @everyone
      '++' for this post and '++' for everyone who commented +ve thoughts on this topic..You all Rock my friends....=)

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  15. Hi! I just stumbled upon this blog. I'm a children's book writer (middle grade for 9-12 yrs old) in the U.S. I have a series coming out next year that takes place in different countries. The third book is set in Nepal.(I spent a few months in that beautiful country some years back) I was fishing around because there is a passing reference to a Nepali movie in the book and this is perfect - Loot, it is.



  16. Wow! she's beautiful no matter what you do ...try it with her with robert it's looks cool i'm sure...

    Anastasia Steele has finally responded to rumors that he's a favorite to play this role
    Fifty Shades of Grey...
    50 shades movie

  17. nice blog .. . keep Up your good work of writing.. Nepali movies indeed are making tremendous leaps and bound.. cheers!