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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Other Side Of Pokhara

So well, as declared in my Facebook page here I am all set to spill the beans on my crazy,weird, funny, hysterical, a little furious- weekend in Pokhara (April 20-23). Let me zero in right on the topic.

The posters plasted around the beautiful lake city looked like this :)

My visit to the beautiful lake city was to host the event where ADITYA NARAYAN son of the respected and beloved Nepali singer in Bollywood UDIT NARAYAN were to perform for the first time in Nepal.
Was I excited? Sure I was. Would I be overwhelmed by his “stardom”?  erm not really.
And well that is exactly what happened. In fact, I realized that I had held high expectations on the guy, felt disappointed by the much-bragged about star performer. More on that later...

The Good
·      This was my first time emceeing outside of Kathmandu and the organizers- KRISS EVENTS, went out of their ways to take care of me. From tickets, accommodations to food, they beared it all and even paid me very well. I am all smiles  
I am glad I met Mr Anil Thapa on this trip. This man with his incredible jest for life truly inspired me in so many ways. He is a Korean language teacher by the way -but he got many more  levels to just being that :)

·      Saw the Pokhara Ko Don lol. Seriously, in a big hilux ( I think it was a hilux or some other big pick up truck) a party of four entered from the VIP entrance half-way during the concert. I puzzled them for Aditya Narayan as all the photographers starting taking non-stop pictures of them. And to my confused look a photographer came and whispered, “Pokhara ko Don ho yini haru”. Arey bafrey I said, with a big grin. One of the Dons was actually young, kinda my age and was actually cute looking haha. I swear I shouldve taken his picture. Let me see if I can find it in any of the pokhara sites.

·      Went for the Phewa Taal boat ride after a whole four years and it was awesome.

·      Captured some interesting captions and signboards here and there  in Pokhara that brought about series of smiles on my face. Here check them out.

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You dont need luck if you are good. Hmm makes some sense eh:)

Dont ask me whose pervy hands are those? haha

Ahh typical NEPALI :) no wonder the Thakali Restaurants are so popular

Erm.... Once upon a time in Pokhara, I went to a once upon a time restaurant. Yes I did. Bad pancakes they served but steak was yummm  :)

Pollution made by women? Huh! haha

YES that Tshirt is ridiculous. PLEASE dont wear it the next time. THANKYOU for putting a smile across my face with your wonderfully captioned Tee anyway :)

It is the "wash and dry by PROFESSIONAL MACHINE" that had me rofl-ing.

·      Sabin Rai was one of the best parts of my trip to Pokhara. Hadnt hung out with him again in full four years so was nice to catch up with him. The jokes he tosses are legendary and its so nice to see and meet and spend time with a truly talented and celebrated artiste who is so down to earth and humble. One of Sabin dai’s band members tells me that one of the weirdest ways any emcee has called him on stage was by saying this “ Aba audai hunuhunchha Sabin Rai unko “kalo kalo” liera”Directly translated to – “Now here comes Sabin Rai bringing along with him his black, black”. “Kalo Kalo Raat”- matrai bhandeko bhae pani ta hunthyo- Sabin dai says with a big smile and I was literally on the floor.
(Info: Sabin Rai has a hit song that is titled Kalo Kalo Raat)

Me and Sabin Dai :)

·      Other funny dialogues that I overheard in my trip are as follows
Conversation between our hotel owner and one of the patrons at a buffet dinner.
Patron: Dai, ke ho yo.
Owner: Chicken ho.
Patron: Eh laaa, ma ta vegeterian ho.
Owner: Haina khas ma Chicken pani veg nai ho, katey pachhi matrai non-veg.

·      Conversation between Sabin Rai and one of his band members
Band member: Dai , swimming janu parchha hai aja please
Sabin Rai: Aaahh janna ma, swimming na fwimming timi haru ja
Band member: Ani tya aera tapai swimming garnai parchha bhanney chhaina ni ta. Aera dubey bhai halyo ni.

The old lan hua china restaurant- Lake side.. highly recommended. Authentic, super-delish food prepared by a Chinese Chef himself. And its so reasonably priced. Try the Kung-Pao chicken ...oh I am still drooling.

Hmm the view ?? ;)
·      And as always, the enchanting Pokhara with its relaxed ambience, endless mountain ranges and laid-back awesomeness makes me fall in love with it all over again and again and again.

The Bad

·      Damn those Pokhara taxis don’t have no meter box- that means one has to move around in Taxis by bargaining the rate before the ride every time. And boy, will they haggle all the money out of you lol. That is probably why it is a good idea to hire a scooter for a day to move about in Pokhara. 
See.. no meter box there! :/

·      Also bad and really sad was the state of Phewa taal. I saw this foams of white something that was floating on the shore and I was informed that it was because of all the clothes-washing that is done in the once-pristinely clean beautiful lake.
Breaks my heart to see the polluted Phewa Taal. Can only hope it doesnt turn into another Bagmati.

Other than that, I did all the things that one does when in Pokhara. Went to fewa taal, walked about like a real tourist, purchased souvenirs for the heck of it– hey I don’t smoke or drink I have to find something to keep myself entertained , don’t I? LOL.

And this is what we bought in Pokhara acting like total tourists again lol. Anything in PINK give it to me baby :)

. I love walking around Pokhara streets in my chappals like the absolute tourists - not my beetle though:)

And despite all the highs and lows within just 3 days of a visit to Pokhara, I cannot wait to get back there again. Thankyou for reading folks. I hope you enjoyed the pictures too. Until my next blog this is a good bye.


  1. I'm really glad that you had a good time in Pokhara (dat's my hometown btw :D, slightly disappointed having to know about the monkeys (like yu said) you had to come across. The 'kalo kalo' joke made me lol so hard haha. Overall, I enjoy reading your blogs. Never have you failed to inspire me. Thankyou for that <3

    1. haha ... oh how I am happy knowing the fact that the KALO KALO joke had the same effect on you. Nah the pokhrelis are all so sweet, except for a few of course
      ;-) thankyou so much for placing a comment <3 although, I wonder how the "kalo kalo" inspired you ? hmmm... :P but again, thankyou so much for your feedback. Xx

    2. didn't really mean the 'kalo kalo' was an inspiration actually haha.

  2. haha damn... samriddhi, you are funny.. btw girl power.. u should have thrown the punch right away!!

    1. If those potato heads try to come "see" me as they have promised, I promise in the name of girl power that I will be throwing at them not just those punches, but flying kicks, back-handed slaps and serious groin damage ;) haha thankyou for your comment.

  3. i didn't lyk wat u mentioned about adi.. a bit rude..

    1. Hi Sureeta. Thankyou for your comment. But actually if you'd meet him you'd know that he is the one who is a bit rude. Just that, even big international stars have some humility in them, some personality. Aditya - was down right arrogant. But well that is your opinion :)

    2. it's just being a fan it's really sad to hear something lyk tht abt him ... but beside him all the things u mentioned is just hilarious :0)

    3. oh dont tell me my mom is the biggest ADITYA NARAYAN fan and I was too until i met the guy in person. Anyhoo, lets wish him the best of luck in his life and career eh! :) thankyou sureeta for your comment again.

  4. Replies
    1. hehe lol thankyou so much 123xyz :) Xx

  5. Sad but true! Professional ethics are understood only by sensible people....trying to explain it is always a Herculean task....they'll NEVER get it...because humility is the key ingredient which is sacrificed in place of cheap popularity!

    1. Humility indeed is the key dai which both the star performer and the guest emcees lacked. I still dont understand what they got from talking for more minutes than they were supposed to and stooping down to threaten me haha. Thankyou for your comment dai :)

  6. Hey Sam, this is me bipen.....
    Well I went through the same stuff last new year in Dharan. Well, I was the choreographer there for this fashion show but as the organizers didn't have any emcees they appointed me to do this job. And, think now what happen? The CROWD was really annoying and even I had the same problem, where some LOCAL RJ (FEMALE) came to me and told she was also appointed for emcee, I said ok. Then we started practicing together for this grand event where I found this gal is now where to be kept in that show CUASE she doesn't even know how to say hello in english.....i cud have recored her HELLO in a recorder.....it was like heeeellllooooo.....lolzzzzz well m not here to make her fun but thats a fact where every 1 has to think that they aren't meant for this thing. And, as i complained to organizer, guess what her parents came there and give me a threat that if their daughter is not going on stag then they won't let us to move forward with our show.

    Shit happens and like you can't really do anything beside watch..........as for me i gave her a chance and seriously she went like OMG, kick her out frm the stage........but anyway, thats wat i learn too......"Never ever am I ever compromising in regard to my professional space from now on."

  7. kukhura wala omigosh :D enjoyed readin ur blog :)

  8. Enjoyed reading your blog..sad to know about those DON(key)S. But again, i like how you tackled all those things and really praise you for that. such kind of people are all around, in every place. So, its always wise to move ahead(like you did) rather than get stuck with such idiotic people. Enjoyed reading about Aditya Narayan as well. Good that people get to realize that international artist are NOT always good. Sabin Rai is way better singer and an excellent performer. Would love to see a grand event with our own Nepalese artists emceed by you :) Though I have been reading you in various magazines, never got opportunity to see you live :) Wish you all the best on your career

  9. You have expressed all the environment so vividly that is why I follow your posts and do not get bored though how long it is:).I admire your courage and as you said you have learned not to let anybody encroach your professional space...yah never let it happen. You have already proved how well you are in your profession. Btw if those monkeys think themselves having huge fans then how come they are not in hype in Nepal? Bulls*** monkeys...but through your experience I'd not generalize all Pokharelis in that categorizes ;) Keep following your creative writings!